Blog every day of June – Best thing about working in libraries – Fri 6 June

There are many wonderful things about working in libraries:

  • the great jobs we have to do
  • the wonderful people we do those jobs for – our library users
  • the toys we get to play with
  • the people we met
  • the great titles we come across to read, listen to, watch etc.
  • and so much more

The best thing of all is the people we work with.

Library staff are just awesome. They are friendly, so helpful, understanding, encouraging and supportive. And they are not just like that with users, but with their colleagues and others. Β Its just who they are.

I have had some rough times this year and it has never been a problem to go to work, or to miss some work as the case may be, because they are understanding, will be an ear if I need it and will cover whatever I miss as a result.

My work colleagues are awesome and they are huge reason for why I happily go to work each day.

And as an added bonus, I work alongside library staff from different public libraries in Victoria and encounter library staff from different sectors and across both Australia and the World, who are all just as amazing.

Thanks guys – you are the best.


    • Tania on June 8, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    Love working with you too Michelle!

  1. Aww shucks! πŸ™‚

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