VALA2014 – Matt Finch – The Book of the World: crossing boundaries in culture and outreach

Was impressed by librarians response after Christchurchs quake. Librarians were engagin in the community.

Library activities for children and young people don't have to cost the earth and as libraries become hubs for all kinds of exciting media activity and they needn't always be bookish either. (quote from a forthcoming book)

Zombie event they have run - teens get attacked, but they are not alone, it is not digital. They are in the middle of a story where the end has not been determined. Was a great collaboration between a range of services as well as the locals.

Libraries have always done this because we are the portal for people to step into all the stories that have been created.

Libraries are a one stop shop to the universe.  Try to track down the script Book of theworld - unpublished Dr Who script from 2007 episode 6.01 by Lawrence Miles in 2007. Mustread.

Books in the library can take your mind anywhere in time and space.

Librarians are guides because we know the terrain better than our users, which makes us Time Lords. Not preachers converting or teachers who are preparing you for a career. He loves librarians because we offer inspiration - thinks our profession is heroic.

The shelves were supposed to be loaded with books, but were loaded with doors.

Author Connor Thomas wrote an article - a very quiet battle: librarians, publishers and the Pirate Bay. Worrying implications.  Matt boggled. Interviewed and debated him about this.  Chris _ if you have one or two central spaces for books and ideas in a city all the energy flows through those spaces and it has a catalysing effect.

There is a tension between outreach and control for libraries (image of the hub).
Talked about Cory Doctorow and his closed visit to SLV. Could have done events in the suburbs and beamed it back - made it more Makerspace.

British Museum did Hitchcock events in the area he came from. Awesome.

Tension is between prestige and outreach. How can we make a difference to the individual who can not get into the library? 

Unfortunately we have the tension of governance restrictions - eg. IT blocks, publicity. Can have external partners want to join us, eg. News type report of zombie run - see video on YouTube. (in Parkes)

Regardless of where you are born to, you deserve the best possible access to information.

Likes maker spaces because he hates 3D printers. Maker spaces can open the door to discussion. Libraries can become centres of creation and in getting content out there.

It's the little barriers that can change our future in a negative way. Need to be building relationships with local politics and local media. 

Go back and trade the hub for the periphery, solve the little problems and go out. Go into the communities which are most in need.