Sometimes it takes a different perspective……

I work with our website and our catalogue and other online resources on a daily basis. It know them pretty much backwards and inside out – know where to find things, know what I can change and what I can’t and why.  I am all over it.  Which means that sometimes I am way too close.

Today was just the most recent of a long line of examples. A staff member contacted me to find out where on our website something was located. It wasn’t on our website, but on our catalogue, as that was what it directly related to.  However, as she reasonably pointed out, we had catalogue functionality built into our website, so she had thought that it would be there.

After we hung up, I realised that this was a reasonable assumption. I may not always be able to change things on our catalogue, but I have a fair deal of flexibility with our website, so within a few minutes, I had added the link to our website.  Not only would it then be where many people would expect to see it when looking for it, but it would also be right in front of people when they were using a common feature on our website.

This little move will save both our users and our staff quite some time and problems.

And I kept thinking afterwards, “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

It’s frustrating at times that you “can’t always see the wood for the trees”.  But I am grateful that I have staff who will take the time to call or email, ask the question or make a suggestion, that will make me aware of “the woods”. I won’t always be able to do something about it, but when I can, it is a win for everyone.

Would love to hear if you have had similar experiences.


    • Michelle Noble on August 13, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    ahh it happens to us all, but what I like most is that you were receptive to the suggestion! :o) *like*

  1. Thanks!

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