Blog June 2013 – Day 30 – Challenges ahead

This is the last day of the Blog June 2013 and there were a few times I didn’t think I’d be able to post librarian-related content every day, but I managed.  Fortunately we work in a profession which brings us new challenges almost daily.

So now this challenge is complete, what next!

I need to update this blog, because I find that despite the periodic doubts, I still have things to share, even if they are mainly notes from training/learning opportunities.  So next on the list is an update to the look and to the about me pages.

After that, I have another journal article planned – have just had one published on Online Events booking.

I have an abstract in to the VALA  2014 conference, which if I am successful with, will need a presentation and conference paper. Then there are other opportunities to be considered and this is just in the personal professional development realm. It is going to be a big financial year in my library so I am sure I will have plenty to share about the challenges there too.

Thanks for tuning in during the journey so far, hopefully I will continue to make it both challenging and interesting for all of us.