Blog June 2013 – Day 29 – Victorian Public Libraries 2030

As one of the Statewide Projects this financial year, the State Library of Victoria and Public Libraries Victoria Network collaborated to answer the question of what a public library is now and will be in 2012.

The Victorian Public Libraries 2030 Strategic Framework is the result and has been launched now – it is well worth the time to read.

That is one of the things I did this morning and it is a document well worth the time to read.

It is a strategic document, but it speaks to what is happening at ‘the coalface’ in public libraries in Victoria at this time and where this could be taking us. It confirms that the trend we see happening can be enhanced and utilised by public libraries, for the benefit of their communities.

It is a document I will be using in strategic planning for my own department and I encourage you to look at its insights for your own libraries – regardless of sector.