Blog June 2013 – Day 27 – Does your workspace reflect you and/or your job?

I was wandering back to my desk today and noticed how it really was a reflection of both my job and myself.

The desk itself is very tidy and organised, like me, and the things that surrounded it were local history items, two iMacs in the middle of configuration, training notes for an eBay seminar and withdrawn Reference titles.  A very good cross sample of the sorts of areas for which I am responsible. Another reason my desk looks so tidy is that a great deal of my work is in the online sphere and not just computer file management – my responsibilities encompass the library’s social media, website, catalogue, online resources, online training and more. So when your work is mainly online, so are your files, tools, equipment etc.

So my desk is a good representation of both myself and my work.  Looking around at other desks in our office, I see that they too reflect both the individual and the role that they hold.  Interesting how so much can be learned about an individual by looking at their workspace – both their personal and professional sides.

Does your workplace reflect you – your position, your personality or both? Is this a good thing or bad, or doesn’t it matter?