Blog June 2013 – Day 23 – The cloud saved me…….

A lot of time – as I don’t have to rediscover my apps and re-enter contacts.

As I posted back on the 13th June, I lost my phone (grinding teeth, distress and grief). But today I got my permanent replacement (my new sim card has been doing a lot of transferring recently).

Fortunately, due to the wise words of my husband, I had my contacts backed up to a cloud service – Soocial and being an Android phone, all my apps were still sitting in my Google account.  Therefore, all I have to do is re-sync my contacts on my new phone and reinstall the apps – no need to search for them all first.

There are lots of advantages with the cloud and lots of concerns I know. Privacy of your information and what you are doing on the net, are just a couple, but today, my fingers and eyes as well as my schedule, are very grateful that the updating process is so easy, because of the cloud.

Next, I will get that app that will help me track my phone, JUST IN CASE!