Blog June 2013 – Day 21 – Your reach

Besides this blog, I have been a presenter and have some other author credits to my name, as well as organising professional development events. I have had people tell me over the years, that through these things I have impacted on their professional lives, helped them learn new things and new perspectives and more.

But today I discovered a new form of influence that I had not consciously thought of. In a meeting where there were representatives from many different public libraries, a colleague from a neighbouring library service said that they were going to be starting using an online event booking service, because of the many benefits it would bring them over their current system. I thought that was interesting as we use the same service and have done so successfully for over a year now.

What surprised and delighted me was that this was driven by a former staff of my library service, who had taken up a position at their’s.

Its great to be able to share your ideas with a wide audience and to see library staff benefit from your learning.

Its even better to know that it is just as strong at your own library – even if it is then taken away to another.

We all have good things to share that will benefit our libraries, its staff and users. Make the most of any opportunities you get to do so. You may be surprised just how far it will reach.