Blog June 2013 – Day 14 – The user experience

It’s easy to think that the user experience of a visit to the library is pretty stock standard. Nothing exciting, no different to going to the supermarket or the petrol station, or one of the many other places we go or things we do on a regular basis.

But the user experience is different for each one and it could be that although most visits fit that description, it can take one visit to make a real difference. So we discovered recently when we asked the question of our Facebook followers. We asked what experience of using the library had changed their lives and got some interesting stories.

One was from a lady who had been given an old coin by an elderly relative when she was younger. She came to the library as an adult and out of curiosity, checked out her coin in our coin value guides. Turns out it was quite valuable. This has since spawned a lifelong hobby for the lady and she is thrilled to bits about it.

Another was from a lady whose family understood that a great-grandfather had gone to immigrate to the USA, but had changed his mind and returned to his home country. Again out of curiosity, they investigated the library’s genealogy resources and discovered that he had immigrated to the USA and stayed there! A long held family myth was laid to rest and was talked about much amongst the extended family for quite some time afterwards.

As I said, it is easy to treat the library visit as stock standard and many will be, but we need to open to the possibility that it could be so much more and that it could change someone’s life.   Who wouldn’t want to be a part of making that happen?