Blog June 13 – Day 12 – Handwriting – a dying art?

Today I had cause to write a note repeatedly. It was less than 20 words, but I chose to write it out the 8 times required, rather than type it, because I thought it would be quicker and easier.

Not only was it not quicker, but my hands got very tired, very quickly.  That’s when I realised, that I type so much these days, including short notes, letters and of course blog posts (lol), that I don’t use my handwriting for much more than signatures.

Is handwriting dying then?  Hopefully not, but in reality, at least in my work and in my life, which is so computer-centric, yes it is?  Not in my children’s lives as yet. They still do a lot of their school work with handwriting, but I am sure that the further they progress through school, the more that will change.

Is that good or bad? In a way its both. I like having the skill, but I find it so much quicker, easier and neater to type than to write.

What about you – is your handwriting skill suffering like mine and how do you feel about it, or are you cultivating this skill through deliberate choices?


    • Steph on June 14, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    I scribble to do lists, have a notebook handy for drafting blog posts and write in cards to people. i like having a pen in my hand and watching the ink flow into words…but i alwso like the neatness of text appearing on the screen :). My children are still getting their handwriting skills up to speed and I do make an effort to show them that handwriting has a place in this world for the moment.

  1. That’s great Steph. I just find it so much easier and neater to type, but I think I will have to repractice my handwriting to get it a bit more acceptable.

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