Blog June 2013 – Day 10 – Social media monitoring

We planned an afternoon out and thought it would be nice to eat lunch somewhere close to our intended destination. So I went online, looking for eatery options and discovered a range of reviews available for the one I chose to focus on. The reviews were mostly very positive, but a couple were not, focused on bad experiences due to time attended, or cost for non-meal food items. The eatery did not have a website of their own that I could find, so these reviews had been posted on the numerous eatery review sites around.

Which got me thinking. How many of these people actually told the eatery manager their problem with their experience?  From my own experience, I would say not many. The problem with not reporting bad experiences is that often it can be resolved at that time, if only someone said something then. Instead many people take their complaints to the Internet.  But how are the cafe management to know, and potentially fix and/or respond?

Social media monitoring is essential in keeping on top of potential issues for pretty much everyone who is out there ‘serving’ the public. We have a social media monitoring set-up, using Net Vibes and Google searches compiled using Yahoo Pipes.  Complicated I know, but it was created a few years ago and was created as such to try to pick up all the variants of our many branch libraries names.

It has worked well for us and we have picked up some interesting social media mentions – mostly positive, occasionally negative. Where it has been negative, we have made a concerted effort to investigate the issue and resolve it where possible, even if we haven’t been able to contact the ‘complainant’ directly with the outcome.

But now we need to look at improving our social media monitoring, because social media has grown so much. I will be looking at Hoot Suite and any other options I can discover.   Do you monitor social media for your library and what do you use to do the monitoring?



    • Kim on June 14, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    We also use a cobbled together approach for social media monitoring, although I have recently started using Twilert to get email alerts when either our office, or the body we report to is mentioned on Twitter. It has been working pretty well, but I am always on the look out for new options. I have used HootSuite in the past to aggregate my own social media feeds, but not for social media monitoring… I will have to look into this further!

  1. And thanks for your ideas too, I will definitely look into Twilert as well.

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