Blog June 2013 – Day 7 – Managing work flows

I was sitting at work yesterday, feeling like I was sitting still and watching as the workload increased before my eyes. I wasn’t sitting still fortunately, otherwise the pile would have been larger again, but the amount of work to be done just seemed to multiply like a virus.

So what do I do when this type of  situation arises? (which it has been known to do on the odd occasion).  It starts with P. Yes, that’s right, Panic!

No, only kidding, I meant Prioritise.

I took the time out from the morning’s work to determine what exactly I had on my plate and restructured the tasks in terms of urgency and importance. For much of my work, the urgent has to be done first, because other’s are relying on me having it done.

But after dealing with the “I must do this so …. can do that” it is then about prioritising the urgent and the important. And like most people, the urgent tends to take priority, even when the important is much more important, but much less urgent.

The day after a long weekend is not the time for me to be thinking too hard about that though – there will be too many urgent things to take care of. But I can’t forget what’s important…….    Sigh.

I am an organised person and I work efficiently and well, but even for me this is an issue. How do you manage it?