Blog June 2013 – Day 1 – What’s new?

It’s the first of June and the first day of Blog Every Day of June for 2013. A lot has changed for me since last year’s event and I think I’m going to find it interesting to come up with something new to blog every day.  But here goes.

In October 2012 I came full circle and was again appointed to the role of Information Services Librarian at my public library. I first held this role from 1996-1999, at which point I had my first child and went back to work part-time in a different role. I am full time again now with this position and how things have changed in those 14 years.

Back then we created our first library website, which looking back at using the Wayback Machine, was very cute and clunky.  Things have come a very long way on the Internet since then.  We could not have imagined that this is where it would lead, but we knew back then how important it was, both for libraries and for our communities. We were right. 🙂

Most of my days were split between coding a web page in html and lots of FTPing.  These days we use a content management system and spend a lot less time on a website which has ten times more content. That time saved is now on social media and customising our catalogue – things that were unheard of in 1999.

Our reference collection has moved out of the print and into the online. We still have a print reference budget but it is dramatically smaller and we have so much content now that we subscribe to online that would never have been possible in the print world. And we are adding ebooks and emagazines to that as well.

In 1999, we did introductions to the Internet seminars – now we do that in one on one sessions with library users and our seminars are on eBay and Facebook and Skype and whatever the next thing is…..

We did staff training back then. We still do, but it is also going more online and it is training more on our online resources.

Some thing have not changed – there is still resistance to change, but fortunately it is not as bad as it was – people are now getting used to everything being online, so another thing online is not as big a stress as getting online in the first place was. Besides, we have learned some valuable lessons along the way about dealing with it.

And some things are only different in their extremes. When the network went down back in 1999, it was an inconvenience. When the network goes down now, it seriously impacts on work-flows. Fortunately, we can get around things with our mobile devices these days……

Things have changed dramatically since 1999, but that’s OK because I have changed with it and as has been the case in all my years as a librarian, I am still loving every second of it.




  1. The thing that stands out for me in your post is that you say you ‘still love every second’ – that’s so cool to hear, because sometimes we get so caught up in what is wrong, and forget all the things that are right.

  2. Thanks Cath. I have very fortunate throughout my library career, to continually end up with a job I love. I wish everyone had the same good fortune.

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