Blog June 2013 – Day 2 – ereading

Tomorrow I go to work to a soft launch of e-books.  We are very excited as it has been a long time coming.

And we are going in with a bang. This is the first of two vendors we have signed up with, which will end up giving our users over 2000 titles, for all ages and reading tastes.  We have also signed up for e-magazines, so we will have e coming out of our ears in short order.

When I think about this, two things come to mind.

First is that our users will be very happy.  eBooks have long been on our list of requested services, but it has taken until now for our library to find a vendor, with a product and a contract we could accept.  At least now that we are going live, we will have a good number and a good range for library users to choose from. (That is apart from Kindle owners, sigh)

Second is, I wonder if it will change my reading habits and if so, by how much.  I read a lot of content online, but mostly on my desktop computer (nice big screen) or my smartphone (convenient). I recently acquired a second- hand Nook and have been reading a few titles on that, but it has not taken over from my other online or print reading habits, rather it has supplemented them.  Will this change, now I have access to free ebooks from my library?

I don’t know, but I have already downloaded by first library borrowed book to my Nook, so I guess I’ll find out.

What about you? Has having an e-reading device changed the way you read?  How so?


    • Tricia on June 3, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    Good to hear you have now got eBooks. I’ve been reading books in both formats (hard copy and electronic) for a while now. EReaders are very convenient at times but I still prefer the old fashioned. There is quite a demand for the eBook and I hope Victorian Libraries can get a wider selection and better contracts from vendors in the future.

  1. Thanks Tricia. The ebook vendors are trying, but until the publishers work out where they are going, we are all stuck with the limited offerings available. We are very happy to finally give our users what they have been asking for though.

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