What’s the point of learning……

I love learning new things. Β These are just some of the reasons:

  • I’m curious
  • I like knowing things
  • I like knowing answers to questions people ask
  • I like knowing something about things people are talking about
  • I’m a sticky beak (some people might say a know-it-all)
  • I’m a librarian – that’s what I do! πŸ™‚

I learn from doing – I’m very task oriented. Β I learn from reading – I am doing a lot of catching up at the moment, of reading of articles that I thought were important at the time I saw them, but didn’t have time to read at the time. Β I also like reading fiction – from which I also learn a lot. I learn from watching TV, especially from dramas, comedies, mysteries and many more non-documentary shows. I learn from listening to the radio, from listening to others, from emails, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and so much more online……

But what is all the point of this learning…… Β Could it be learning just for the sake of it?

No, I discover I like learning, so that I can teach.

So that I can have the answer, or know where to find it when someone asks the question. To be able to help someone when they don’t know there’s an easier way to do something.

I have a young colleague that I do a monthly weekend shift with. She has told me on numerous occasions that she considers the day is truly useful if she comes away from the day having learnt at least one new thing from me. Β I am amazed and delighted to admit that she has not had many disappointing shifts in that respect. We almost always find something new that I teach her – some not so important, some time saving, some very useful to her work, but something new nearly every time.

What we learn is most valuable, when we can teach it to someone else. Β It can be discovering facts for your manager who needs it for future planning. Β It can be finding a new way to complete a task more efficiently in the library. Β It can be what the weather is doing on a stinking hot Melbourne day and when the cool change is coming through…….

Learning is important ALL LIFE LONG, for personal knowledge, but also for teaching – for sharing with as many others as would like to learn or who need to hear.

And that last part is a lesson to be learnt all in itself – how to teach to those who want or don’t want to be taught……..