Seeing what you haven’t seen before

Have you ever looked at an object or person and seen something that you know has always been there, but that you have never really noticed until that moment? I had another of those moments today. I get them often enough to remind myself periodically not to take things for granted, that there is more than meets the eye and that if you look you will find something truly worth seeing.

This works at my library too. We get so used to seeing things the way we see them, that sometimes we miss out on things. Have you walked through your library’s front doors recently?  Have you used your library as they do?  Is there something you could change, add or remove to improve the experience for your users?

I am on a week’s leave – just spending time with the family during the holidays, but plan to use this time to clear my mind a little of the things that have become routine and to try and look at things with fresh eyes when I get back to work.

What lessons have you learned from a new perspective on something established?