Still blogging after all these years…..

Its funny, but when I first started this blog back in 2005 (7th anniversary next month), I never thought about it having an end date. I just kept blogging. Anything I thought might have some value to a reader (and I hoped to have at least some of those), I blogged. I needed to get something sorted out in my own head, I blogged. If I wanted to review and note-take from training, a conference, a seminar, I blogged.

When Twitter came along, things changed. A lot of my fellow bloggers and I took to Twitter like ducks to water. And why not, it is a great networking tool and an awesome way to discover new resources etc. As Twitter grew and the library network on it matured and as other things happened in library land, library bloggers started to fall away. Understandable, you have to spend your time and energy where it works best for you.

With my job situation, I can’t spend as much time on Twitter as I would like. However, I always find time to read through my blog feeds and find things of interest. My blog roll has changed over the years and the frequency and the length of my blog entries have lessened and I have often toyed with the idea of finishing altogether, but for many reasons I have kept going. Funnily enough, I discovered some of those reasons in an article I discovered today.

19 reasons you should blog and not just tweet ( on Future Buzz, was ironically written in 2009 and doubly ironic is that I was referred to it by someone I follow on Twitter.

So why am I still blogging? The reasons that worked for me out of this article were:

1. It demonstrates my commitment and passion to my industry….

2. Old articles have value (as demonstrated by the one I am referring to) and still read years later…..

6. You own and control your own work…….. 

7. Its about deeper engagement with the content

9. I can measure impact more fully with my blog…..

The article has dated a bit in its view of Twitter, but between it and the comments, there are some good points made.

Something that wasn’t in the article, but has also played a big part in me still being here – I have a knack for event blogging. It seems I am good at blogging conferences, training, seminars and the like. Its good for me because its gives me training notes, but feedback I get indicates that its good for the reader too. Win-win!

I love Twitter and will be there when I can be, but I’ll be here too – putting my discoveries and my learnings and my thoughts into the ether, so they are there for me and anyone else to discover and hopefully benefit from.

Thanks for journeying with me thus far, hope you can stick it out with me in future – I’ll be here.