A bit of introspection is a positive thing

I like being made to think. I like having to answer questions and reconsider how things are happening or how they could be done. Or who I am and what I do.

But I also like routine. I like going about my usual tasks and doing things and knowing what I am doing. And being questioned on any of these things can be a challenge.

Notice the dilemma?

Today I have been challenged in my thinking and in my processes in a few different ways.

First off, was my annual appraisal. As expected, it went pretty smoothly, but what was unexpected was a few words of caution on some things I have done or do. As I have noted in an earlier post, its sometimes hard to hear criticism, but fortunately this wasn’t. It was good advice from a good manager, advice which I plan to and hope to be able to take and make work properly.

Second was a seminar we had at our library tonight, which I chaired. It was about children with learning difficulties. It made me think about the issues that not only children but adults with the same difficulties experience. And the fact that we will have those people in our libraries everyday. And that without knowing their backgrounds, we have to provide good customer service to them, as we do with everyone else who comes through our doors and that this may take more patience and perseverance that we usually require and may need us to look at things in different ways. What a challenge.

Third was a new TV show I watched tonight, which made me think about what I am getting from the television that I watch. Ironic I know.  But maybe now I’ll watch TV with a bit more thought and investigate a bit more fully before taking on board what they say is happening. Its not like we’re lacking in the resources to do that anymore.

So its been a thought provoking day. It doesn’t happen everyday and for that I am a little bit thankful as I don’t know if I could handle that much introspection.

Ever have days like that?