What are your regular go-to information websites?

Just getting a few things done before heading off to do a late shift and visiting a few of my regular websites that I go to for information on a regular basis.Β  Yes, amazingly I still use the Internet for more than social networking, banking, photos, communication, game playing and fan fic reading, etc etc.

My most commonly visited information websites are:

  • Bureau of Meteorology – which I read recently has taken out a number of national and international awards – deservedly so
  • Google Maps – for those new places I need to visit
  • My Library website – including the catalogue
  • Herald-Sun newspaper, just to touch base with the news of the day, especially if I miss the radio in the morning
  • Libraries Stack Exchange
  • A wide range of blogs
  • And of course, if its the weekend, its the AFL website to watch the footy scores.

What are your most visited information websites?


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    • Mary on June 14, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Websites I most often visit include:

    – Google & Google Maps (Google for searching anything and Maps for directions)
    – Courier mail, & abc.net.au (for news)
    – Taste.com.au (for recipes)
    – tripadvisor.com (for hotel & restaurant reviews)

  1. Do you know I don’t think there are any? Oh wait, maybe the local soccer association during winter so I know where each week’s games are and ditto the water polo association. Very occasionally ABC news and of course google maps when I’m out and about and need direction (at home I still prefer to get out the street directory).

    At work is a different story of course!

  2. I’ll have to try a couple of those out. Thanks Mary!

  3. Knew there had to be some! πŸ™‚ I understand about the street directory too. Thanks!

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