Its all about teamwork

I am about to read an library article about compassion exhaustion and I know what its all about before I even start reading.

Its Friday and by the end of the week, you get tired, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.  Having to put on a good face for the public is generally not hard – people who work in libraries are (on the whole), warm and friendly people, who like helping people. But sometimes life interferes, or you’re not feeling well, or life is just getting on top of you or you’re just plain tired and it becomes too much of an effort. But in all instances, you need to keep being warm and friendly to the people you deal with, even when some of those people are far from warm and friendly in return.

That’s where teamwork is invaluable and I am fortunate to work with an amazing team. When you can’t deal with something, or need to take a break, someone is there to step in for you, or to take the heat if that’s what is being dealt. What’s even more amazing is that often you don’t have to ask, they’ll just step in when you need it.

I love this about working in a team, but what I love even more is that the support is there all the week through. You are constantly surrounded by uplifting people, who laugh with you, who encourage you with their words and their presence and who with all that, make you forget how tired you are. Its only when you get home that you realised how hard you’ve worked.

I have a lot more admiration for one person libraries, because they achieve so much solo. I don’t know that I could do the amazing work they do.

Customer service is so much easier working in a team – the load is shared (when it is a load) and so are the joys. Together, we achieve so much and are better at customer service than we are alone.  So at the end of the week, cudos to the library service teams – you are awesome and your teamwork is both admired and appreciated. Well done and keep up the great teamwork!