On Demand – Concurrent Session 15 – VALA 2012

Lighting the FUSE: innovation and partnerships by Rita Ellul and Indra Kurzeme

SLV and Department of Childhood Learning had an agreement to deliver 25 unified projects over 2010-11 financial year.

SLV was involved in this project to extend its reach. They were already good at information management, but project management externally was a new area for them. They had past collaborations and had good relationships with external agencies and they are in the learning business. They have a strong focus on preofessional development and research is a major part of their business.

How do they take their information management skills outside the library? Took the same principles of right information with the right people at the right time. This project met all these requirements.

They set up a Ning page to faciliate collaboration and utilised other people networks to get the assistance needed, when it was required. SLV faciliated a range of groups in getting them resourced and able to get their projects completed in the set time. It was a weekly update and prompt. They also provided a lot of professional development, which was totally funded.

Essentially what they built was a library of digital education resources.

 Had to determine what digital content needed to look like for the kids. the projects are housed in the FUSE repository. It incorporates 27,000 digital resources, is content and quality assured, is searchable by teachers and students.

FUSE provided Web 2.0 functionality, integrated active collaboration for students, was linked to VELS and open-ended.

Sample projects: Act Wild (Zoos Victoria) -information and events, but also a range of activities that can be undertaken offline – making a difference on an issue. Also has an iPhone app. Also has a blog where the kids can ask questions of library staff.

Travelbugs (Asian Education Foundation) – information about Asian countries, through visiting countries, go on to blogs, ask questions and more. It is still being used in the Sister School program.

Vidfest (SYN Media) – information about how to host a film festival at their school, has teacher support and resources, guidelines for filmmakers and hosting space for uploaded films.

Virtual History Centre (History Teachers Association) – kids create an avatar and enter a virtual world to do a tour of the Quarantine Station, both the virtual museum and a virtual copy of the station. Includes in world activities and teacher resources.

They work done has created resources that will truly support the work of the teacher and the learning of students.