Library Day in the Life – Round 7 – 25th July 2011

Library Day in the Life  happens twice a year and I think I’ve participated in most. It is intended to showcase what librarians do, but I think its also becoming a history of the same thing. (Reminds me, I’ll have to go back and have a look at what I was doing on a Monday three years ago!)

So here’s my Monday 25th July – pretty stock standard really.



  • Sign in and get a glass of water
  • Talk to various staff about issues that arose on my Sunday shift – some for notification, some for follow-up
  • Start my computer and login whilst doing so – computer takes forever to start up, so happy to multi-task


  • Check email and start dealing with it
  • Read memos and minutes in my inbox
  • Look over the latest draft of the VALA conference program and reply with my thoughts – deep, they were not


  • Website updates and assess what needs to be done to bring it fully up to date


  • Create slides for our events slide show for some of our regular events, these are happening in the next few weeks and now we are past the school holidays, we have room for them on our website. We use PhotoShop Elements to create the slides – makes us feel like graphic artists – and its fun!


  • Compile a summary of the feedback from the Discovery Layers seminar, run, last week, by the Public Libraries Victoria Network ICT Special Interest Group (PLVN ICT SIG), of which I am convenor.  Glad to see that we had a very positive response on paper, as well as verbally on the day.
  • Squeeze in a tea break and enjoy a very sweet and juicy Australian navel orange
  • Go back to my desk and fight with Excel over formatting of the feedback summary – finally win the battle


  • Catch up with my immediate manager – just back from holidays and he is heading out later – find we are on the same page (what will happen to that cliche when books do finally disappear?)
  • Finish battling with Excel, but its more attitude than actual issues


  • Email the Committee ICT Special Interest Group with a reminder of our forthcoming meeting and a copy of the feedback summary.
  • Email the speakers from our Discovery Layers seminar, thanking them once more, providing a copy of the feedback summary for their interest and asking them to send me their presentations, so they can be made available via the PLVN website.


  • Emails have backed up again, so spend a few minutes catching up
  • CEO asks me a question about Open Library, so refresh my memory about it and then chat with him about his questions.


  • More website administration – this time its cleaning out unpublished content and moderating comments
  • Check out our vanity search – few tweets about our recently opened new Pakenham library – some blog posts too


  • Wrote a library blog post about our new learning languages database – Learn a New Language Today – or is it Byki?  They can’t seem to make up their mind.
  • Created a couple of new book cover entries for our new books slide show.


  • Learned a bit about Facebook Places, so we can claim our branches.


  • Started filling out a training report form, for the Discovery Layers seminar I attended (ran), last week.  All I have to do is get my notes off my notebook, edit them, post them to my blog, then print them out and attach them to the training report.

1.00pm – Lunch!  Grabbed a chicken roll on the way to returning my costume from a 70’s party I went to on the weekend.


  • I was only gone 45 minutes, but of course the email and the admin backed up again


  • Began a local install of Drupal 7 – want to be able to play with it on our local PCs first


  • Tech talk with our CEO – who is compiling the questions for our annual public survey. Talk expanded beyond the questions and into Facebook and its use in libraries.


  • Updated our weekly event promotions sheet. This is an A4 page which we display forthcoming events on, which is placed next to our RFID kiosks. This way we still get a chance to promote events, even when we aren’t talking to those patrons who use the kiosks.
  • Noticed an issue with an event slide, so a quick edit.


  • Is it tea time yet? Oh it is? Good. Enjoyed another juicy Australian navel orange and stimulating conversation around the tea table.


  • Tried out some content with another librarian, for our forthcoming Staff Development dinner.


  • Website tweaking
  • Still trying to get Drupal 7 installed locally. Won’t work the way I want it to (it has to go its own way), so am deferring this task until later in the week)


  • Touching base again briefly with my manager
  • Making a note to think about how we can present free ebook options to our patrons
  • Beginning a draft post on our staff training blog about one of our new databases

Which takes us to 5.00pm and home time.

But of course, I also check email and our website when I’m home, but that’s not unusual for me…….