Jun 12

Strengths and weaknesses

As your children grow, you stop and consider their futures quite often. You look at what they are good at and try to imagine how that can translate into a career.  You talk to them about their interests and the sorts of things they might be interested in doing for a job. Then you do your homework and figure out what else they might need that will complement their strengths in order to get them there. And you work out ways that you can make this happen for them. All this done around raising, feeding, encouraging, loving, supporting, school, homework, sport, friends, family, fun, games, hobbies and everything that fills a child’s life.

I’ve been working in public libraries for over 25 years. I came into libraries having an idea what my strengths were. I was very task oriented – tell me something needs doing and its done ahead of time. As I mentioned in an earlier #blogjune post, I was a born reference librarian and now I had the skills to go about answering all those questions professionally.  So I knew my strengths, but how did they translate into the working world?

I also very quickly had to acknowledge my weaknesses. I liked people, I liked working with people but I didn’t always work well with people, particular when they got in the way of the tasks. I also have a very fast thought process and a very quick tongue to go with it, which makes many people feel like a cyclone has just been through when I was at full pelt.

Its amazing how my work has helped with both sides.  Turns out my task orientation has led to a very good handle on administrative work and management. And I am a good reference librarian. And with the support of wonderful colleagues and managers, my people skills have definitely improved, with a good lot of practice with raising kids and the added maturity of extra years helping with that.

The point of this all? If you don’t know where you going, look at what you’re good at – hopefully its also what you enjoy. But also look at what you’re not so good it – because somewhere along the line it will be part of what you have to do for work. But don’t worry too much about it – some time, training, patience and experience can help turn that weakness into a strength.

Well, most of the time anyway.  I still talk too fast……  🙂