Library Day in the Life – Round 6

Monday 24th January, 2011 was Round 6 in the Library Day in the Life,  a snapshot of the daily work of librarians around the world.

I’ve been participating in it since Round 3 in July 2009 and it has been interesting to go back and see what I was doing, in the day to day, every 6 months since then.

So here’s adding to the worldwide wiki and to my own archive of what I get up to.

8.50am – Arrive at our regional HQ and fight with my computer, which doesn’t want to start up nicely and in fact, takes three attempts to start and then load up the programs I want open. It took some patience, but I won the battle, as it was cooperative the rest of the day.

9.10am – Email, of course.

9.20am – Reading minutes, rescheduling a meeting due to a clash, finding contact details for calls that needed to be made later, etc.

9.40am – Quick library website update.

9.45am – Downloaded and printed the OCLC Perceptions of Libraries, 2010 report, for consumption at my leisure.

9.50am – Began creating documentation on how to update our Drupal website.  Only two of us know how to do this, we need to share the love.  Unfortunately, couldn’t do as much as this as I wanted, because I couldn’t take screen shots of updating requirements, as the modules are all up-to-date!

10.45am – Moved on to creating a handout for library users, about our downloadable audio book service.

11.05am – Assisted a colleague in creating a marketing email for a joint seminar, on RFID for Victorian public libraries. All done via email.

11.15am – Back to the handout.

11.30am – Transfer to our biggest branch for some afternoon catch up with the Branch Manager, returning from leave, who is working the late shift.

12noon – Lunch!

12.45pm – Updating timecards on our automated system, with details of the staff who worked the weekend shifts at this branch.

1.00pm – The ‘have-to-know-this-before-you-start’ quick debrief with the Branch Manager.

1.10pm – Took care of new comments on our website and checked out library mentions through our Google alerts. We occasionally get a mention on twitter even!

1.15pm – Editing our website, fixing broken links, changing content etc.

2.00pm – Created a reading recommendations newsletter, which will be sent to subscribers via email.  This one was a horror! I mean it, it was on adult horror fiction. 🙂

3.00pm – More elongated chat with Branch Manager and made the phone calls that I found the contacts for in the morning. Interesting!

3.45pm – Wrote an article for our monthly newsletter for library users.

4.30pm More website editing and some future pondering.

4.55pm – Sent out an email to information services staff, to remind them of our forthcoming meeting and asking for any agenda items.

5.00pm – Just as I was about to head out the door, remembered some more things and updated the Branch Manager about some more bits and pieces.

5.10pm – Finally went home!

That was a reasonably typical day for me as an Information Librarian in a large public library. Be interesting to see where we are in another six months.