An unexpected discovery

I posted a little while ago about how the National Library of Australia was going to be archiving Connecting Librarian as part of the Pandora Archive.

Well they don’t muck about!

Like many others out there, I have a vanity search on my name and my blog, using Google Alerts. This arrived in my email today:

Trove Results

So I click on the link, which takes me to the National Library’s Trove search on librarian (check it out). And there, down the bottom right of the screen, under Archived Websites 1996 – Now, is this blog!

This is so cool on so many levels.  Including:

  • I am still thrilled that the National Library is archiving my blog
  • I am extra thrilled that not only my blog, but all other websites that NLA is archiving can be accessed (along with a whole pile of other great stuff) through Trove

And most importantly:

  • It is awesome that the NLA is opening up Trove to search engines like Google for indexing. As a result, how many more people will be accessing NLA collections through search engines, who would not have thought of visiting the library otherwise.

Like I said, awesome!

I am looking forward to hearing what the NLA reports back when they next update us on Trove. But in the meantime, it makes me think that somehow, this is the next inevitable step for libraries with digital collections.

How long before more library collections are opened to the broader Internet like this and what could this mean for our libraries?

Has your library done something like this and how is it working out?