30 things – the end of the 30 challenge

Its Day 30 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and I tried very hard to resist, I really did. But it’s the last day, so I have succumbed.

Here’s my one and only meme post in the 30 days challenge – the 30 things meme, with an extension. Mine is 30 things I did, as well as 30 things I didn’t do in the challenge period.

1. Organised numerous birthday events and outings for daughter’s 11th birthday 1. Keep up with the ironing
2. Spent the day at the movies seeing Toy Story 3 and Shrek 4 2. Do much reading
3. Hired and bought assorted snow related gear and then went tobogganing and snow playing at Mt Baw Baw 3. Do any housework (but that’s OK, I have a cleaner)
4. Went and saw my daughter play in an Auskick game at the MCG 4. Do any gardening – been too wet anyway
5. Settled into my job as Acting Branch Manager of our largest library 5. Eat anywhere as healthy as I should
6. Read and responded to hundreds of emails 6. Get enough sleep
7. Read hundreds of RSS fed items 7. Do any other writing
8. Cooked around 23 dinners and 36 cupcakes (for daughter’s class mates) 8. Go to a few other movies I hoped to see at the cinema
9. Ordered and collected 7 takeaway dinners 9. Finalise the kids passport applications – but I’m getting there
10. Took the dog for 30 walks 10. Give the dog the bath he needs
11. Did 25 loads of washing, sorted and put clean clothing away 11. Return the kids library DVDs on time
12. Hired and bought assorted snow related gear and then went tobogganing and snow playing at Mt Baw Baw 12. Respond to emails as quickly as I should
13. Went shopping with daughter several times to spend birthday money as it arrived 13. Eat a lot of red meat or fish – did eat lots of chicken though
14. Took the kids to Disney on Ice 14. Sort through the kids old clothes – yet
15. Cooked meals for friends and family who came over at different times to celebrate daughter’s birthday 15. Finish the editing that I was asked to do
16. Took the kids to 4 swimming lessons and 4 guitar lessons 16. Any meme posts before this one
17. Worked 19 weekdays, 2 Saturdays and 1 1/2 Sundays 17. Read as many of the challenge posts as I would like to have
18. Bought some new blouses and shoes for work 18. Make as many comments on the challenge posts as I would like to have
19. Created five weekly rosters for our desk shifts 19. Spend enough time with kids (nothing new about that)
20. Hosted three work experience students at our library 20. Spend enough time with hubby (nothing new about that either)
21. Farewelled two shelvers at our library at a small function 21. Get past wanting to drink Coke often
22. Attended two staff meetings 22. Twitter enough
23. Organised and ran a day long seminar on downloadables 23. Get out of Facebook – still not sure if I should or not
24. Wrote 4 blog posts on Libraries Interact and 4 blog posts on our library blogs 24. Manage to upgrade my iPhone – not for lack of trying…… grrr
25. Enjoyed two lunches with colleagues from different branches of our library service 25. Get credit for my high scores on Runway on the iPhone – went on my daughter’s name
26. Went to see Robin Hood at the movies – all by myself 26. Update the theme on our library’s Drupal website (although intentions were good)
27. Caught up on some recorded TV shows, including Big Bang Theory 27. Get all property left by various visitors, back to their owners – yet
28. Survived a birthday party sleepover 28. Do the admin work I needed to do on various blogs – yet
29. Spent too much money on too many things 29. Get all the 30 blog posts published on their correct day (only one was late though)
30. Wrote blogs posts for all 30 days in the June challenge 30. Run out of things to put on these lists (although I came close)

So as you can see, another quiet month.

Its been a challenge in a number of ways, but I have really enjoyed coming up with something every day. I hope you were able to get something out of them too. For me, I hope it will help me to blog more often, although the plan is closer to once a week, rather than the once a month it was before the challenge.

Thanks for following during this challenge. Your reading and comments have made it easier and much more enjoyable. I really appreciate it.


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    • Penny on July 1, 2010 at 10:53 am

    You mean keeping up with the ironing is possible? *gasp*

  1. I guess I’ll find out, hopefully before we run out of clothes!

    • snail on July 1, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    As for your “didn’t” list, I hear you on items 2,3 (no cleaner), 6, 17 πŸ™‚

  2. Nice to know I am not the only one. BTW, I have now caught up with the ironing. Phew!

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