Physician heal thyself

Its Day 26 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge, making it long past time for a story. So here we go.

Once upon a time, there was a twittering, blogging, librarian mum, who was up early on a Saturday morning, pondering those things that twittering, blogging, librarian mums ponder when they have had not had a full night’s sleep and the house is still quiet.

She was pondering how being online has changed a particular aspect of her life. In particular how most of her venting seems to happen on twitter or on her blog, more than in her physical life. How she usually listens to other people vent in her physical life and seemingly as a result, there never seems to be time or opportunity for her to vent there. That the online gives her an opportunity to vent and release frustrations etc, without expecting any response in return. (And how a very few sometimes, she secretly wishes there was a response.)

Time moves along and the pondering is put on hold as the children arise and although its Saturday, there are places to be and now. As she watches her children at Auskick, in particular her son, who occasionally sulks after being slightly hurt or if things don’t go the way he wants (although nowhere near as much as he used to), she sighs in mild frustration. How can she help him to pull himself out of those moods?

Cue harp music and wavy picture as we hark back to earlier in the week, when her daughter hurt her foot at school and was ‘woe is me’ for a time. There were no physical symptoms of the hurt, although twittering, blogging, librarian mum was sure it did hurt, but the symptoms seem to continue longer than they should. Who knew that a foot spa could be beneficial both psychologically as well as physically, to children as well as adults?

Return to present time and all three are in the car, heading home after Auskick and discussing son’s behaviour. The twittering, blogging, librarian mum gives her most sage advice for the day. “You just have to get over it.” Son agrees, daughter pipes up that it applies to her and her foot too.

And at that point, twittering, blogging, librarian mum realises it also applies to her, with her morning’s pondering about venting. And admits as much to her children.

Life lessons learned in the car with children. Brought to you by a twittering, blogging, librarian mum.

The End.