Why is it always…..?

Its Day 22 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and I was wondering why is it always……?  It is nearly 10pm after a late shift, so I think I’m entitled to have a wondering/wandering mind at this time of night, lol.

So, why is it always:

  • That you just served the last of what seems like hundreds of people and waved them goodbye and the next person comes in commenting how quiet it is
  • That you spend a good half hour catching up and cleaning up after a rush and the next person to come across the desk comments on how quiet it is
  • That the person who comes in to pick up a last minute loan/print a file/copy a document before you close, always takes three times as long as they expect and keep you beyond closing/knock-off time
  • That when looking through one of the browsing collections, the item you seek is the very last one
  • That the quick job that you take a timeout to do, takes twice as long as you expect and you have to finish/redo it again later anyway
  • That people DON’T READ SIGNS, regardless of how clear, obvious and really helpful they are

BTW, all these did happen to me at my library today and I know that these things don’t ALWAYS happen, but they do happen often enough to make them annoying, time consuming, frustrating etc.

What are your “Why is it always…….”


  1. I wonder if Murphy worked in a library, lol.

    • Penny on June 23, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Why is it that “make a sign” is always the solution to some problem that gets brought up in a staff meeting?! Aaaargh!

    Why is it that the statistics say we’ve done less circ, ref, etc than last year but it still feels really busy and we want more staff?

    Why is it that the day I want to go for a run at lunchtime I forget my running bra….

  2. Yes! Or on that last one – it rains!

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