Trying something new can lead to something wonderful

Its early Saturday morning and I missed posting this Friday night for Day 18 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge, because of the heading of this post.

My kids have been doing Auskick this year, for the first time. Originally it was for 8 year old son, but my nearly 11 year old daughter wanted to be a part, so she joined too.

Its 9 weeks in to the Auskick year and last night, my daughter played at the MCG as part of the half-time program. Being in Grade 5, she actually played in the club colours (she was a Bomber) and played across the centre of the MCG.

This all happened amazingly quickly.  Only a few shorts weeks after starting Auskick, kids and parents were asked for volunteers to participate in this game – requirements were minimal. My daughter immediately expressed interest and being a long time AFL fan, I was happy to agree.

She did not get many touches of the ball on the night, but her team did win their game, unlike the grown up Bombers on the night. And she walked away with an amazing set of memories, including running out onto the MCG in front of  a crowd of over 54,000 people (including several family members), winning the game, seeing the players close up as they returned to the ground after half-time and doing a hi-5 with spectators at the fence line as they moved round the boundary to exit the ground.

And all because she decided to try something new and put her hand up.

I try new things, but my daughter has inspired me to watch for other opportunities and to put my hand up. Who knows where it could lead.


    • Ruth Baxter on June 21, 2010 at 12:18 am

    I love this. I’m going to look for new opportunities next week!

  1. Thanks. Keep us posted on how that goes!

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