Those special little moments

Its Day 19 of 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and today’s post is inspired by a special moment that happened on our drive home today.

I was just driving down our street with the kids, when I noticed a crow taking a bath in a deep mud puddle. He had his feathers fully spread and was immersing himself with great gusto, causing water and mud to fly everywhere. It was such a special moment, that we stopped in street to watch for a few minutes, then drove carefully past him. Despite our care, he edged away from the puddle, but by the time we had pulled into our driveway a few houses down, he was back again, so we watched a bit more.

Made me think about the special moments at work that help to make it the job that I love.  The ones I could think of immediately included:

  • being able to fix what is wrong – whether it be an errant computer, photocopier or process that is not working the way it should
  • being appreciated in general by word or by written comment, particularly the latter as most of the time our user comments are complaints of one form or another
  • being able to help a library user find what they need when they haven’t been able to find it themselves
  • watching our library users help each other, when we are too busy with the crowds to help them as quickly ourselves
  • the laughs of the kids during our children’s events – like our forthcoming school holiday program
  • and I admit it, I do experience some glee when I can thwart a library user who is being rude (and sometimes other behaviours), by unswervingly sticking to the rules

Unfortunately, quite often there is not enough time to stop and savour those moments, like we did today with the crow, but I’ll take them anyway.

There is much joy too, in the satisfaction that comes out of my job, but these are some of the special moments I enjoy. Would love to hear some of yours.


    • Penny on June 20, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    I love it when I get to see the dawn of comprehension spread across someone’s face during a teaching session or at the reference desk. Or when you manage to help someone with something they thought really difficult but to a librarian it’s actually easy… I love to amaze.
    Or when you get a breakthrough in a difficult lit search.

    • Janine K on June 20, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    In my short time as a Library Officer,I gain great pleasure in recommending books to patrons – and then to have them come back and thank me so much for the recommendation. In fact I now have one patron who asks for me every time she comes in! Reading is very subjective and not everyone likes what anyone else reads,but to get a positive compliment is very satisfying.

  1. season creep is full of them.

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