What staff do to help me

Its Day 4 of the 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge and I am continuing the focus on staff, which is not suprising, as it is a large part of my job.

Its been a time of change at our library.  Besides getting me as temporary manager at my library, there have been some other changes – new staff coming in, short termish replacements for a staff member out due to injury and more.  So its been quite a time of turmoil, change and trying to settle in to a new routine with new colleagues and a new boss.

And the best thing that my staff have been able to do for me, is to need minimal interaction with me personally. What I mean is that I can rely on them to do their job, know what needs to be done and when, without having to ask me every 2 seconds. They don’t need close supervision, just a direction, some priorities and I can leave them to it, because I know they will do a great job and do it well.

Fortunately I work in a library where the majority of the staff fit this description. And because of that, they free me up to deal with those that don’t, as well as all the other issues that come with being branch manager of a largish public library.

So to those staff (and they know who they are), thank you. For all the great work you do and for helping to make my job that much easier. I truly appreciate it.