Library Day in the Life

Today, July 27th 2009, was the 2nd Annual Library Day in the Life and as it was actually one of my work days, I thought why not.  I am not going to give you the minutae of my day from waking to sleep, one because I can’t remember the details of this morning and two because the day’s not over and I’m not going to stay up that late… (well that’s the plan anyway).

Before I begin, I am an Information Librarian for a public library service in Australia and on Mondays I work at our Headquarters, doing regional type work.  Usually that is focused on the library’s virtual services, but my manager left 2 weeks ago, so today was a little bit different to normal.

My desk is at bottom left

My desk is at bottom left

So what did I get up to at work today – Monday 27th July 2009.


  • Answered email queries received from our users – mostly what’s my PIN, how do I get this item etc.  They seem to save them all up for first thing Monday morning.


  • Checked RSS feeds and printed off articles I was to focus on later.
  • Read memos.


  • Some quick catalogue changes to a few old reference books. Helps to keep the hand in.


  • Adding websites to delicious for future reference. Some for website development, some for proposed research, some for ammunition.


  • Adding events to our Google calendar – love how easy it is, although wish it would let me incorporate some HTML, eg. links.
  • Creating and adding slides promoting said events to our website – this is such a fun thing to do, although it can be time consuming.
  • Removing old slides – nothing lasts forever.


  • Dealing with my former managers mail – got a little backlogged
  • Preparing handouts for this week’s eBay seminar


  • Touring the rearranged floor plan of the library branch to which our HQ is attached – looks great and is a huge functional improvement.


  • Reference stock work, dealing with superseded editions and making reallocations and withdrawing old stock.


  • Morning tea time and there is food for morning tea – leftover from working bee to rearrange branch – promised to be good with my food intake today, so didn’t take advantage of it.


  • Killed the shredder whilst disposing of old outdated documents. Despite assistance and a range of tools, were unable to resuscitate it. Have to call in a specialist.


  • Gathering feedback forms from Information Services seminars for evaluation of this year’s programs.  Need to make recommendations for next year’s programs to management team meeting in a few weeks.


  • Quick look at SOPAC in action.  Love how it looks and what it can do, don’t know if we will be able to implement it.


  • Touched base with my next level up manager – checking that bases are covered and that current projects are moving along OK.


  • Out for lunch with partners in crime, former manager and current desk side buddy. Good time catching up with what manager has been up to and catching her up on the gossip (there wasn’t any….)  Succumbed to chocolate mousse for dessert – diet slipped a little there.


  • More email information queries, including a doozy that took a bit of time.  Very enjoyable to be able to get my teeth into something a bit more solid.


  • Meeting with senior managers about proposed blog survey.  Going to research how and why our users do or don’t use our blogs.


  • Catch up on 3 sets of emails, only one of them directly mine.

3.45 til 5.00pm

  • Website updating. Including adding new booklists content, linking in to our catalougue, fixing spelling and grammatical errors and more.
  • Find one of the holds my husband has placed, in amongst the 27 boxes of them that have just arrived at HQ.
  • Make notes to send a few emails when I get home and have been able to think about some of the things that have come up during the day or after I have checked my calendar.


  • Pack everything up and head towards home and a whole different list of things to do and done.

Just another day in the life of this Information Librarian. Hope you had a good one.

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