Shovers and Makers 2009

Most of us would have heard of Movers and Shakers, the Library Journal’s annual awards to library staff who have had a significant impact in the profession.  I have posted here on it and there have been several posts at Libraries Interact when the winners are announced each year.  The winners are worthy recipients and inspiring.

However, there are many librarians out there who are just as inspiring and worthy who have not received that accolade, some because it has been US based (only changed this year) and some because they haven’t been nominated.

Now comes the Library Society of the World, a worthy institution in its own right, to address this severe oversight.  They have introduced the Shovers and Makers Awards.  From the website:

… at the Library Society of the World, we can’t help but wonder about everyone else in libraryland. While the Movers and Shakers are moving and shaking, what are the rest of us doing? Standing still? Surely not.

So we have come up with our own award that we see as a complement to M&S. Introducing Library Society of the World’s Shovers and Makers.

And the real kicker and most fun about it is:

And there is only one way to become a Shover and Maker: declare yourself one.

So I have.  You can check out my self-nominated entry and acceptance (its been published on the Shovers and Makers website) at

I highly recommend that you go and check out the other worthy Shover and Maker recipients and consider nominating yourself.  I would probably nominate a fair few of you, but I’m not allowed to.