A yearly review – back over 2008 and forward to 2009

by Homdaum (Flickr - CC Licence some rights reserved)

by Homdaum (Flickr - CC Licence some rights reserved)

I have been doing reviews for everything ranging from our library’s main blog to our family Christmas letter which went out with the cards, but realised I haven’t done one for Connecting Librarian.  So here’s my year in review as a librarian and a preview of what is already planned to occur in the New Year.


  • Continued working as Information Librarian at my library, but with an even greater focus on our website and virtual services.  Pretty much all of my off desk time is now web related, not much in the way of traditional reference service for me anymore- apart from direct customer service when rostered on desk.  And very happy with the lot of it, having lots of fun and learning so much.
  • Had a chapter on public libraries and information literacy, based on what I learned from my study tour, published in the book “Information Literacy meets Library 2.0”.
  • Had an article on my study tour, a then and now review of how public libraries are using Web 2.0, published in the November issue of the Australian Library Journal.
  • Spoke at several seminars and conferences, including a co-presented paper at the ALIA Dreaming conference and one of my own at the New Librarian’s Symposium.  As a result, I met a lot of great people from right around the country, from leaders in our profession to enthusiastic new librarians. It was an honour to meet each one.
  • NLS4 gave me an opportunity to present on something other than my study tour or Web/Library 2.0.  I spoke there on keeping up-to-date with the profession.  It was a challenge to cover new material and I appreciated both the challenge and the opportunity to do so.


  • My library is building a new website and we will be doing it in house using Drupal. I am very excited about this project, as I will be one of the key people involved in it.  It will be a huge learning curve, but one I am very much looking forward to being on.
  • I have been selected to attend the Aurora Symposium in February.  I have the great honour of being able to attend, alongside some workmates and library friends and look forward to learning alongside them, as well as learning from key thinkers in our profession.
  • We will be reworking our joint paper from ALIA Dreaming to be published as an article in another library journal.
  • I will continue to be involved in the conference planning committee for VALA2010 – working with an amazing team of dedicated librarians.
  • I will also continue both this blog, blogging at Libraries Interact, on 2 of our libraries four blogs and on the Information Literacy meets Library 2.0 blog when I can.

So its been a busy year professionally and looks to be the same next year.  I have really enjoyed my professional development and engagement this year and look forward to continuing and developing it into 2009.  Aurora will play a key part in what direction I will take in future, so stay tuned as I let you know as soon as I do.

In the meantime, I hope you have had a great 2008, both professionally and personally.  My New Year’s wish for you is that 2009 is much bigger and better.  Happy New Year!