Perspectives on the State Library Graduate Program – a great start for a new librarian, a new beginning for an ageing library – Steve McQuade and Gemma Lyon – SLWA

Started with Sesame Street video on library and Cookie Monster. In the video, Cookie Monster represented the current young generation, he knows what he wants and he wants it now, regardless of the paradigm of the existing library. Hence Cookie Monsters needs go unfulfilled.

Library services are being increasingly shaped by a new generation of users and their needs. Gen Y has a need for fast-food delivery. Like fast food, they dont always know whats good for them and to have the patience to wait for the better stuff which will take a bit longer to deliver. Recruiting gen Y is recruiting fresh perspectives and libraries are beginning to take up the challenge that they bring.

Librarianship is an ageing profession and there are not enough new graduates to fill the gaps that the projected retirements will produce.

Graduate program which provides 9 placements over 12 months. It provides a solid foundation, provides a range of diverse experiences, enables knowledge sharing, a supportive environment with the involvement of mentors, allows for Gen Y work patterns.

The graduate program is breaking barriers for graduates, which will include participants from Marketing, History, ICT in 2010. For knowledge retention, including the 23 things and knowledge communities.

Question: UWA also has a program, were they developed in collaboration? No, totally independent.

Question: program is for new graduates, would they consider mature age applicants. Yes, absolutely.

Question: what happened to Gen X – were floating in the middle – been overlooked.

Question: millenials what about them – will adapt to them when they arrive on the scene.

Question: at the end of the program, what happen? Try to fit them into appropriate roles that match their preferences.