Bring out your dead: the role of book in post Web 2.0 world – Sherman Young – Macquarie University

Author of the book – The book is dead: long live the book.

History of the world in 3.5 slides. In the beginning was the book and it was good. It was the basis for the modern world. Then came the falll (this is the half slide). The conflict came in the form of electronic media. Bringing the villain, television and other media which seemed to kill the book all for the worship of money. We became people of the screen. However, the screen has now be rehabilitated and is now a place where connections can be formed, and much more.

A history of the web in 3.5 slides. First was Web 1.0, and the ability to communicate with the world. Then Web 2.0 in which we are currently immersed – summarised as We are the Web. People not only consuming but producing content and as a result, building the web.
Next is Web 3.0 – about making the web more like librarians, finding meaning not just data in response to a simple question.

In the beginning was the web – and it was good. Then came the fall (the 1/2 slide), the evil villain – the moving image destroyed the web, in the form of sites such as You Tube. Question being asked if YouTube is the new Google. Screen literacy is the next skill. What the future will be is unknown, it is still being written.

The book is not dead – just resting. We need to preserve both text literacies and book literacies. Future of books – wikibooks, networked books. We need book literacies, books do things that no other form can, including enable us to slow down in this fast paced world.

Alan Kay – quote – The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
We need to do exactly that.