Dreaming now and beyond 08

No, this is not another post about the conference, but it has been inspired by it, particularly inspired by the wonderful Stephen Abrams, who always manages to inspire.


Basically, he told us that we need to be dreaming, about our current positions and about the future – our future careers and the future of libraries.Β  He told some amazing stories about how librarians have had a major impact in law, medicine, engineering, health and much more.Β  For example, hospitals with libraries have a 20% lower mortality rate!

It was a bit daunting to think of my being a librarian making such a momentous difference, but he had a point about having something to aim for, both now and into the future.

So its being mulling around in the back of my mind whilst we had a family holiday around the Alice Springs and surrounds after the conference.Β  It still is, because I don’t have a definite dream, just vague ideas of what I want to be doing in my profession, both now and into the future.Β  And I’m going to share some of those now! πŸ™‚

So for now – I want to really push for my library to start doing podcasting.Β  That means that I will need to push for equipment and then do some training with staff. I’m happy to edit and upload the files, but I can’t be at every event that we wish to podcast.Β  It may not happen overnight, but I plan to make it happen.

Our website redevelopment has been postponed for a while, so now I’ll get back to working with our team on what we really want our website to include in terms of functionality as well as content, so will start pushing that process too.

Thats not to say that my workplace is not supportive of these things, they are – but like elsewhere, we all got sidetracked or distracted by other things.

For my own professional development, I want to keep presenting, writing papers and doing some more journal articles.Β  I like being able to contribute to my profession beyond this blog. And I seem to be much better at doing so these days.Β  This blog is still my focus, although there was a time in recent months when I wondered if I would continue with it, but I got over it and I’m here to stay.

As for the future, as with some things in the present, I’m still mulling over that.Β  Eventually, I’ll get back into full time work and some sort of more senior management position, although whether I will be looking at more technical services, or more customer services, I don’t yet know.Β  My passion is virtual services and it neatly straddles both those areas.Β  Maybe the job I want doesn’t exist yet.Β  I am pretty sure I want to stay in public libraries, although if the right job came along, I would definitely consider the change.

So that’s where my dreams are hopefully taking me at present.Β  Rejuvenating my focus in my current job and giving me some sort of direction for the future.Β  I think its important that we continue to dream and give ourselves a focus, both for the benefit of our libraries and users and for our own professional development.Β  To quote Kathryn Greenhill – Librarians Matter – as does the work we do and the people we serve.

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    • jo on September 14, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    Hi there, have been reading your blog for awhile now and thought I’d say hello, and how much I really enjoyed this post. Maybe because it was so relevant to where I am at – who knows. I had the pleasure of sitting with Stephen Abram on a bench in brissie for a fair while and was able to ‘talk’ libraries with him, very encouraging. His talk sounds like what he presented in alice springs, and was very inspiring! Almost makes you believe you can reach for the stars!

    Thanks for your great post and your refreshing honesty.

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