ALIA Dreaming 08 – Fri PM Plenary – Loriene Roy

ALA and the intersection of indigenous library services and values – Dr Loriene Roy – University of Texas

As ALA president, you get money for assigned tasks, an assistant etc ($250,000) and then $100,000 for programs. Routine duties include communications ie. presidential message quarterly reports and much more such as greetings, blogs, messages, cards/greetings. It also involved talking to media – she gave 150 interviews and did a media day amongst other things. Did 60 presentations worldwide and innumberable national presentations,including state and national organisations, as well as selected local events.

Chairing the executive board, the executive council, ALA council, ALA-APA executive board, ALA-APA council. Made more appointments than the speaker of the house – 250 in all. Appointments to ALA committees as members and chairs and task forces. Then there were ALA Presidential initiatives which included an Indigenous project.

Workplace wellness included a website, a wellness passport, workplace wellness inventory, tips for health conference travel and a workplace wellness fair with a wellness pavilion where they taught seated exercises.

Supporting LIS Education through practice include education forums, a book – Service learning and meetings with relevant organisations.

CIrcle of Literacy – Gathering of readers with schools from around the world in April 13-19 2008.

Indigenous writings were highlighted through writers, teen graphic novels, many voices-many nations performance event at the ALA conference.

Demonstration projects included National Library Camps – got grant info to develop this, Capturing our stories – developing a national oral history program of retiring librarians, Meeting effectiveness – tip sheets and podcasts on how to improve your meetings – also has a website.

Fun stuff included handing out gaming awards, gave out citations on innovation in international librarianship, had a theme of celebrating community, collaboration and culture.

It was a year of gifts – the dance of Honor, the Inauguration event, tribal community connections, renewing friendships.

Now – member of ALA Council, Executive Board and Committee. Chair of some committees and liason between ALA and other organisations. She is doing work for IFLA and will return to teaching at UT. Gets to be past-president forever! Check her out on Facebook.

Not been easy to stand in front of rooms, but it has been well worth it , both personally and professionally.