ALIA Dreaming 08 – Weds AM Concurrent Session – Public – Greg Honeyman

The Fridge: communication matters at the SLV – Greg Honeyman – Manager Marketing and Public Affairs (SLV)

How the SLV uses their intranet to deliver fresh news daily to their staff.

Why internal communication?
-employees are more satistfied, feel more involved and contribute more

Issues to deal with –
– if I know it, everyone must know it
– we hate bureacracy
– well, I told the manager
– so whats to talk about
– theres data and theres information
– if I need your opinion, Ill give it to you

Communication is not just top down. Communication grows exponentially more difficult the larger an organisation becomes. (Clay Shirky)

350 staff = over 120,000 connections at the SLV.

November 2006, SLV introduced the Fridge – a new communication tool – idea came from a friends actual fridge – which was the family communication channel.

Fridge Mach 1 – Fridge icon was available on the desktop of every staff PC. Click on it, brings up a fridge shape with news content within – updated daily at 3pm, in hard news style – with images and video. Fun but also a serious news tool utilised by the full range of library staff. Guests included politians, authors, artists, library staff, vendors and more.

Fridge was edited by the SLV marketing staff, with the supporting software built in Flash and designed and created in house. It replaced the staff newsletter very quickly. Won an award from Arts Victoria in 2007.

It has become an enduring record of SLV culture. They have had over 190 editions – a rare and impressive snapshot of a year in the life of the SLV. They are producing a book with the Fridge content which will be placed in the SLV collection.

The Fridge Mach 2 is the redeveloped intranet – Mach 1 was always a temporary measure. It was launched in June 08, bought off the shelf, but heavily modified in house. All library divisions provide information to it.

Includes an events panel which updates in real time, forms, directories and processes and the News is updated at 3pm daily. They actively seek and measure staff comment and participation.

Question: amount of staff time required to provide the fresh news daily – SLV journalist about 60% of his working week, plus the time of Fridge champions.

Question: is there an editorial process – not a forum for whingeing – ask for positive feedback and do maintain editorial control – ie redraft into active voice for journalistic style – not editing out content often.

Question: opportunity for discussion? – not like a blog, but can post content for dialogue.