Aug 24

Gearing up and winding down

I am typing this blog post on my Asus EEE PC as practice for a forthcoming week. On Monday 1st September, I am flying to Alice Springs for the ALIA Dreaming conference. I will be presenting with Glenn Harper from Frankston Library Service on Wednesday, the first day of the conference. We are presenting on what Casey-Cardinia, Frankston and Eastern Regional Libraries are doing with Web 2.0 tools. We will miss Maryanne Gosling, our partner from ERL, who is unable to attend.

I am excited about the conference, for a few reasons. Its my first ALIA conference, so that will be an experience in itself. Ill be doing all the first-time stuff too, like going to all the social functions including the first-timers breakfast. I also plan to do lots of networking and aim to meet up with many people that I only know online. If youre one of those people and youll be there, please drop me a line – I would love to catch up.

I am also looking forward to presenting. I have presented a session with Glenn before, but not on a joint presentation and not for a few years. Im excited about showcasing what our libraries are doing, I think we have reason to be proud of our achievements. On the otherhand, Im also happy that we are presenting on day 1 so that I can relax and enjoy the rest of the conference with the presentation done.

After the conference is done, I will be looking forward to the winding down. My family is flying up to join me on the Saturday and we will be spending the week in Alice Springs, at Kings Canyon and Uluru. Hubby and I have been before, but its the kids first trip, so we are all very excited.

Once home, I have 3 weeks to really wind down. Im not going back to work until the start of October with 2 of those weeks being school holidays. So I will have plenty of time to chill out and have fun with the kids.

So, I will be blogging plenty during the conference, but expect me to be very quiet afterwards for a few weeks. Although, if inspired at the conference, I might find that I am blogging more than usual. 🙂


  1. Kate

    Have a great ALIA – I’m looking forward to the twitters about it! – and have a great break. Three weeks sounds like a very sensible idea!

  2. genevieve

    Have a great time, Michelle! both at ALIA and in the break.

  3. harps

    All set to meet you up there, so up early in the morning to catch the bus to the plane etc and hoping that I wont come back too protien and iron depleted. Hope my voice sounds better too – everyone’s been commenting on it today!

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