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Been a bit quiet on this blog, because there has been way too much happening at home. However, I have had a couple of emails recently that caught my interest.

The first was from someone asking me to allow them to guest post on my website. I know other bloggers do, but I hadn’t even considered the idea until someone asked. My immediate response was almost childish – along the lines of “its mine, you can’t have it”.  I got over that and thought about it with more consideration and still ended up deciding against it, for a number of reasons.  These included, not knowing the person making the request, either professionally or personally and having a feeling of responsibility to people who read this blog and not wanting to damage the trust which you have entrusted to me.  So I politely declined, however I referred them to another blog I post to, which does take guest posts, leaving it to them as to whether they would take up the offer.

This was followed a day or so later by a request to write a post, about a post written on another blog.  Again, this was the first time I had ever received such a request.  As I had already gone through the thought process with the first request, this was more straightforward.  I checked out the blog post to see what it was about and then again decided against it and emailed them back to let them know.

I have come out of this with a few thoughts. Have I made the right decision?  I still think I have, for the reasons I outlined above and because there are other avenues for these people to pursue.  The next thought was wow, my blog is important enough that people think they will get attention by having their content published through it, or alternatively they are trying with everybody they can and I was just one on a long list.  Either way, I am still going to happily blog whenever I get the inspiration to do so, whether that is several times a week, or once a month.

Hope you’re OK with that too.

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  1. Seems there was some foundation to being wary – check it out at

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