Library Week Carnival

Its Australian Library and Information Week and there are many events going on in libraries around the country (although its also Education Week, so that’s fun for the school libraries!).

One of those fun things is from Libraries Interact. We are pulling together articles for a Carnival of the Infosciences and need your assistance. This could be the last Carnival, so lets make it a great one.

fun at the county fair

We are looking for people to contribute recent (or near recent) blog posts, online articles etc – it can be yours or someone elses, it doesn’t matter. “This LIW is an Australian event, but submissions from all over are welcome. The theme of LIW is libraries are for everyone, so posts on that theme are particularly welcome.” (Libraries Interact)

As we are already well into Library Week, submissions would be appreciated as soon as possible. Submission details are available at Libraries Interact.

Image by busymommy Attribution Some rights reserved.

On a more personal note, I have been overwhelmingly busy of late with no inclination to blog, but I have a few blog posts in my head, which I will start bringing to fruition soon, so stay tuned.

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    • Greg on May 19, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    I’m shocked, no, stunned that anyone would see fit to actually revive the Carnival from its grave. I hope it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

  1. […] I then switched gears and commented on a submission for this week’s Uncontrolled Vocabulary. And finally, I commented on a post related to an attempted one-off revival of the Carnival of the Infosciences. […]

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