Information Literacy meets Library 2.0

I am so excited.  Just as well, because I was very sad about not being in the thick of things at Computers in Libraries this year, after the awesome experience I had there last year.  Its great to be already reading all of the blogging reports coming out of this year’s conference. Thanks all!  Keep ’em coming!

The reason I am so excited is that the mailman has just delivered my book!  Well its not just my book, I am just one of 19 contributors, but still excited anyway.  I’m a published author!  In a book, not only a journal!  Information Literacy meets Library 2.0 ‘addresses the impact of the adoption of these (Web 2.0) technologies on information literacy teaching’.

I wrote Chapter 5 – “Information Literacy, Web 2.0 and public libraries: an exploration”.  Most of the content came out of my study tour last year and coincidentally from what I learnt at last year’s Computers in Libraries conference.  For Australian readers, Judy O’Connell from Hey Jude authored Chapter 4 – “School Library 2.0: new skill, new knowledge, new futures”.  I am honoured to be in such great company in this book, with not only Judy, but 17 other great library experts.

I was surprised and delighted to also discover that it is a hardback edition.   I really like the cool cover (although this image does not do it justice) and the detailed information (including the list of contributors) on the back.  Thanks to the editors Peter Godwin and Jo Parker for inviting me to be involved.

Peter and Jo are following up the book with a blog – Information Literacy meets Library 2.0 where both the editors and the contributors will be able to continue to update the contents.  Also hope to do some related podcasts.  Come check it out!  I’ll just go back to exploring the crisp white pages of my book! 🙂


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    • CW on April 7, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    Good work, Michelle 🙂 Have just ordered a copy for my library.

  1. Oh, wow!! break out the bubbly, Michelle! Congratulations. It looks like it is a groovy cover, too, even when web-size.
    Some excellent topics in there too. I will have to find a copy to browse sometime when I’m in an academic library – or at SLV.

  2. Congrats!!!

  3. Congratulations to you too Michelle…I’m really looking forward to reading all the interesting chapters. So much good information and inspiration!

  4. Hi – I’m one of your co-authors – we had a discussion about “Information Literacy and Web 2.0” in Second Life last week (on our island, Infolit iSchool), to coincide with the publication. I have posted the chatlog online: see


  5. Sheila,

    Great to meet you and thanks for the link – I’ll check it out!

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