Common Craft videos explain social media

Whilst I catch up on quite a bit of reading and get my head around my next planned post, whilst also getting my children ready for school (with my son starting Grade Prep) I thought I would point out a great resource.

Many of you would already have seen at least some of these, but they are all well worth a look. The videos are all quite short (3 to 4 minutes generally) and do a good job of explaining the topic at hand in layman’s terms. Kind of like a video dummies guide.

From Common Craft – “We produce short videos that make complex subjects easier to understand.” The Common Craft Show is a series of free videos on social media topics, which also help them to showcase their work.

Anyway, the ones most of interest to me and I will assume will be of some interest to you are:
Video: Google Docs in Plain English
Video: Online Photo Sharing in Plain English
Video: Blogs in Plain English
Video: Social Bookmarking in Plain English
Video: Wikis in Plain English
RSS in Plain English

I would also recommend them as ones to show others who may be struggling with the particular idea being discussed. They are brief, easy to understand, user friendly and even a little bit of fun. Take some time to check them out and enjoy!


    • Tara on January 17, 2008 at 8:02 am

    Cool! I just linked to the RSS in Plain English video on my library’s “Using RSS” page.

    At first I thought, why are they using such low-tech stuff to explain it when they could just do a screencast? But I think the approach really catches your attention and makes it seem approachable.

  1. Thanks Tara,

    I agree, it really simplifies the whole process. Good idea on the link, I’ll have to do the same!

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