Posts that have captured my attention – September 07

As I am going on a week’s holiday with my family and as a week is a long time in the biblioblogosphere, I thought it best to post some interesting stuff that caught my eye, but which I won’t have a chance to consider more fully – at least not here in my blog.

Read/Write Web did a post nearly a month ago – “Finding the true value of web technologies“. Although not directly library related, considering all that has been going on with regards to the Library 2.0 discussion in recent months, it was very relevant. It proposes that we are in a ‘digestion phase’, which is a ‘time for us to reflect, to integrate and to understand recent technologies and how they fit together.’ This may sound familiar to anyone following the Library 2.0 discussions – well worth a look.

Ryan Deschamps is a new blogger I have caught onto, he has written some very thought provoking posts recently at his blog, “The Other Librarians.” However, the one I want to highlight is “Under the hood of Web 2.0: the top ten programming concepts for librarians to understand.” You don’t want to know how Web 2.0 tools are created, but its useful to understand a bit about how they work, to get the best out of them. Ryan’s post helps with that.

I would consider Kathryn Greenhill at Librarians Matter to be one of the most predominant library bloggers in Australia. I am also fortunate to blog with her at Libraries Interact and to have spent a great day with her in July. Great lady with another great post – “What new about Library 2.0? Shift in power.” She gives a whole new perspective to the discussions on Library 2.0.

I love reading Walt Crawford, his blog “Walt at random” and the “Cites and Insights” newsletter are staples of my library reading diet. About a month ago, “Walt at random” pointed to a great resource hosted at Web Junction – “The Storied Library“, a series of articles from Walt which talk about how to market your library by telling stories. Well worth the read.

Related to this was a simple example from Emily at Library Revolution of how to make your library blog posts more readable and storylike and thereby more appealing. “My story about telling stories” shows that it is very easy to do, just takes a little extra time and a simple switch of voice – even I could do it, lol.

Briefly in other news, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) TV show “The Librarians” will premier on the 31st October. Definitely will be one to watch.

Also registrations for the VALA biennial conference – “Libraries: changing spaces, virtual places“, in February 2008 are open. Library conference season is in full swing in Australia, as the call for papers for the ALIA biennial conference in September 2008 – “Dreaming 08” and Expression of Interest for Information Online 2009 are also open.

This should keep you busy. I will be back in just over a week and my next post will be as host to the Carnival of the Infosciences. Already some great posts coming in, so stay tuned.