Monthly Archive: August 2007

Aug 30

Happy Blog Day 2007

Its the 31st of August and the 3rd annual international Blog Day! To celebrate, the team at Libraries Interact will be posting their five blogs of interest, over the course of the day. So if you want to see what is catching the eye of diverse librarians from around Australia, go check it out! And …

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Aug 25

Keeping up-to-date with Connecting Librarian

I have just shifted my RSS feeds to Feedburner. Google, which owns both Blogger and Feedburner, has now enabled feeds through Feedburner. The benefit for me is that I will get a better idea of how many people reading Connecting Librarian. Another benefit is that Feedburner enables you to setup email subscriptions for those interested …

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Aug 13

Libraries, Web 2.0 and other internet stuff seminar at SLV

Its been a few weeks now, and I am very sorry for the delay, but wow what a day it was. I’ll let my notes speak of the content, but all the feedback coming in has been positive and one of my managers who attended has encouraged our managers to check out the presentations, which …

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Aug 06

Quote for the day

Blogging has been light lately, but I couldn’t resist sharing this. “After all, if a library’s reach cannot exceed its grasp, then what’s a website for?” editec Its a nice little reminder of what the virtual side of libraries is all about and the importance of all the work I do that’s not always so …

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