A surprise in the mail

So why would my mail be of interest to the library profession, which is, after all what this blog is about? And why now, when I haven’t even done a blog post on the wonderful Libraries, Web 2.0 and other Internet stuff session at the State Library of Victoria last Monday?

Well, its because things have been very chaotic lately, with doing the report on my study tour, putting in proposals for papers at conferences (I’m 2 for 2 knockbacks – oh well) and presenting at the State Library last Monday. I will be blogging that event hopefully this weekend, but until then, back to my mail.

I got one!

That little treasure above is a Web Junction Pez dispenser, a highly prized item from ALA 2007. As I was obviously not able to attend ALA (only not long back from the US) I entered the online prize draw. Not only did I win one, but they sent it to me in Australia, gratis. (not used to that). So there’s my prize, in its only public appearance. It is now back safely in its plastic bag, where it will remain safe for the imaginable future.

Stay tuned, I will get back to serious library blogging soon.

Late edition: I also got a card with it which read

Dear Michelle

At long last – your very own WebJunction PEZ!

Thanks for entering the drawing and for being a WebJunction member. We had a lot of fun with this giveaway at ALA and we’re exciting (yes it does say that) to be able to pass a few on to our members who weren’t able to attend this year.

Hope to see you in Anaheim next year! (I wish!)

The WebJunction Team