The difference between libraries and the internet

I have been so busy with getting my report finalised (yay, its done), getting two presentations and other things started, as well as my daughter’s birthday, that I haven’t had much time to ponder all things library. However, to start our school holiday break here, I thought I would point to something that is both thought provoking and entertaining.

Unshelved is a daily comic following Dewey and the library staff at Mallville Public Library. I have subscribed to the RSS feed so that I can get my daily fix. Working in a public library myself, it comes very close to home at times and is even more amusing as a result.

Anyway, this week’s comic strips were based on the Hi I’m a PC and I’m a Mac ads, with the substitution of Hi I’m the Internet and I’m the Library and as I said, they have all been very amusing – so check them out!

Monday – Beyond Google
Tuesday – Copyright
Wednesday – Information authority
Thursday – Novels
Friday – Censorship


PS. And now Saturday’s comic which sums it all up!