Carnival of the InfoSciences #72

Welcome to the Carnival! This week we have a plethora of great rides for you to check out and enjoy. We will begin with our Carnival submissions. Many thanks to those who sent in some great links!

The Carnival starts with Jodie Schneider, who points to a post from Cataloguing Futures. “Why Web 2.0 is leading back to full cataloging” highlights snippets from a Library Juice post, which posits that the best outcome is cataloguing and tagging together. Chris Zammarelli highlights a post at DIY Librarian entitled “The Plane Speech” – which gives advice on what to say to the person with whom you get chatting and asks aren’t libraries obsolete? He also points to Notes about Libraries where Claire summarises the key talks from the London Librarian and Archivists Group in “All Change LMLAG Conference”.

therapydoc highlights one of her own posts at Everyone needs therapy, entitled “Commencement”, which explores how when after attending many graduations, she finally sits through a whole ceremony and realises how boring they can. But can anything be done to change that?

If that isn’t enough to give you your fill of fun, then here are my picks for the Carnival.

Great post from John Blyberg at entitled Buzzkill 2.0 – I’ll let you read it to find out more. I loved Karen Schneider’s post at Free Range Librarian, “That’s OK lady, nobody thinks you’re interesting, either” where she lambasted a journalist for their review of Twitter, because of their sloppy research and overuse of assumptions – very entertaining!

Sarah Houghton Jan from Librarian in Black posted “Sarah’s social network presences, and the dilution thereof” which talked about whether its worth all the effort to maintain a wide range of presences online. This has also been on the mind of Meredith at Information Wants to be Free (amongst others – myself included!) She also ponders the issue of archiving her blog in Blog Backup (a concern of mine too – too much to think about!)

Great excitement in library land with Danbury Library being the first to use Library Thing for Libraries – go check it out! (try searching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and look at the tags at the end of the record). And to finish, a video. Andrew Finegan, the Librarian Idol, produced his “Libraries in 2010” video for a Libraries Interact competition for Australian Library Week. It won! You can check out the other entries at Libraries Interact.

Hope you enjoyed the Carnival and don’t forget to get your submissions in for the Carnival of the InfoSciences #73, which will be hosted at Libraryola. Thanks for dropping in!


    • therapydoc on May 29, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    If I were to change fields (not gonna’ happen), your is the one I’d go into. Great job with the carnival.

    • Michelle McLean on May 30, 2007 at 2:59 am

    Thanks for that – nice to know our profession is so appealing! πŸ™‚

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