Breakfast with Michael Stephens

Yesterday before sightseeing in Chicago, I had the honour and pleasure of breakfasting with Michael Stephens (of Tame the Web and much other fame). He was kind enough to spare some time from an overbusy schedule to pick me up from my hotel and pop to a local bakery for a hearty breakfast.

Our chat wandered around our respective workplaces, my study tour, his teaching and more and I was amazed to find out that we were actually born on the same day! Although I am a bit older than him, just due to time zone differences. Wow!

I really enjoyed our time together and hope that someone in Australia gets him to come over soon as he’s quite keen to do so. (Think 2008 people, he’s pretty booked until then). Follow that with a beautiful day checking out the Windy City and it was one to remember. Thanks Michael!

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